News Technology TEDx TedxLimassol is bringing "New World Order(s)"

TedxLimassol is bringing "New World Order(s)"

The world stabilizes into a constant state of unpredictable change. 

We come to terms with fragmented new world orders, new realities, new perceptions of contemporary life. 

Small groups are mushrooming across the globe disposed to revolutionary change, ready to reveal their antipathy to the status quo. Military powers shift.  Governments disempower.  Pitchforks sharpen.

Digital companies set the agenda, traditional media outlets deteriorate at the expense of social media, and an increased number of bloggers are more influential than politicians and journalists. 

As we learn to live more self-fulfilling lives, artificial intelligent life becomes a threat and an opportunity.  As the world becomes more moderate and liberal it also becomes more conservative and extremist.

These are the new world orders.  This is TEDxLimassol 2016.

The NEW WORLD ORDER(S) theme meets three of the most essential TEDTalk objectives:

  • To democratize knowledge and science
  • To stimulate and arouse audiences around the world
  • To spark deep discussion and connections


SOMETAKE – performance: They formed in 2012 in Nicosia. In a time where music technology is evolving hugely in tremendous speed, they choose to create music within a rather unexplored ground, trying to combine electronic and natural sounds, bringing together man and machine. In November 2016 they will release their debut album, followed by a tour in Cyprus and abroad. SOMETAKE are: Mark Ioannou (Drums), George Constantinou (pads/sampling), George Kleanthous (keys/looping)

Patrisse Cullors – speaker: Patrisse Cullors is a artist, organizer, and freedom fighter from Los Angeles, CA. Cofounder of Black Lives Matter, she is also a performance artist, Fulbright scholar, popular public speaker, and an NAACP History Maker. She’s received many awards for activism and movement building, including being named by the Los Angeles Times as a Civil Rights Leader for the 21st Century.

A self-described wife of Harriet Tubman, Patrisse Cullors has always been traveling on the path to freedom. Growing up with several of her loved ones experiencing incarceration and brutality at the hands of the state and coming out as queer at an early age, she has since worked tirelessly promoting law enforcement accountability across the world while focusing on addressing trauma and building on the resilience and health of the communities most affected.

When Patrisse was 16-years-old she came out as queer and moved out of her home in the Valley. She formed close connections with other young, queer, woman who were dealing with the challenges of poverty and being Black and Brown in the USA. At 22-years-old Patrisse was recognized for her work as a transformative organizer by receiving the Mario Savio Young Activist Award. A Fulbright Scholarship recipient, Patrisse received her degree in religion and philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2012. That same year she curated her first performance art piece that fearlessly addressed the violence of incarceration, STAINED: An Intimate Portrayal of State Violence. Touring that performance lead to the formation of the Coalition to End Sheriff Violence and eventually her non-profit Dignity and Power Now, both of whom have achieved several victories for the abolitionist movement including the formation of Los Angeles’ first civilian oversight commission over the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

In the summer of 2013 fueled by the acquittal granted to George Zimmerman after his murder of Trayvon Martin, Patrisse co-founded a global movement with a hashtag. Black Lives Matter has since grown to an international organization with dozens of chapters and thousands of determined activists fighting anti-Black racism world-wide.

In 2014 Patrisse was honored with the Contribution to Oversight Award by the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) recognizing her work to initiate civilian oversight in Los Angeles jails. Patrisse then completed a fellowship at the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership where she prepared and led a think tank on state and vigilante violence for the Without Borders Conference. There she produced and directed a theatrical piece titled POWER: From the Mouths of the Occupied.

In 2015 Patrisse was named a NAACP History Maker, a finalist for The Advocate’s Person of the Year, a Civil Rights Leader for the 21st Century by the Los Angeles Times, and was invited to the White House. Google awarded Patrisse with their Racial Justice Grant to support her ongoing Ella Baker Center project developing a rapid response network that will mobilize communities to respond radically to law enforcement violence, the Justice Teams for Truth and Reinvestment. In conjunction with the Justice Teams Patrisse is also supporting the ACLU’s development of their Mobile Justice app. Patrisse works with many organizations worldwide.

2016 is proving to be a strong year for Patrisse. She has delivered the keynote address at over a dozen colleges and universities including American University, The University of Notre Dame, the University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell. She was named a Leading Edge Fund Fellow by The Rosenberg Foundation, a Senior Fellow for Maternal Mortality by MomsRising, a Kick-Ass Woman of Color by DLG Media, and received the Defender of the Dream Award from the AFL-CIO Executive Council Committee on Civil and Human Rights, the Revolution Award for Freedomfrom ImageNation Cinema Foundation, the Justice Award from National Center for Lesbian Rights, the Community Change Agent Award from BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc., and honorary doctorates from Chicago’s South Shore International College Preparatory High School and Clarkson University. With the Justice Teams mobilizing and the Black Lives Matter movement gaining even more momentum, 2016 is anticipated to be another powerful step towards freedom.

Patrisse will continue to create, organize, and shut it down until all Black lives matter.

Charalambos Theopemtou: Our very own Charalambos Theopemtou, a man involved in numerous projects, all with the goal of enriching our daily lives, our society, our planet, takes center stage at TEDxLimassol on November 19th at the Trakasol Cultural Center. 

Dr. Simon Hegelich – speaker: Dr. Simon Hegelich is Professor for Political Data Science at the Technical University of Munich. He has done research on social bots, data mining and artificial intelligence and is CEO of the data analyzing company ddductr GmbH.

Sasha Kohn – performance: Sasha is an Circus Artist and Dancer, mixing dark theatrical elements with physical acrobatics and dance.

Graham Fuller – speaker: Graham Fuller is a former senior CIA official who worked many years in the Middle East and Asia before retiring to the academic world some 30 years ago. He is currently Adjunct Professor of History at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. He has lived and worked overseas for nearly two decades, speaks a number of languages of the region, is the author many articles on international politics and a dozen books on Turkey, Central Asia, Iran, the Middle East as well as political Islam. His latest book is a novel: “Breaking Faith: a novel of espionage and an American’s crisis of conscience in Pakistan.” 

Irene Shamma – speaker: Irene Shamma's mission across the fields of architecture, design and art. She is a qualified architect with post graduate training on digital design and 9 years of professional experience in the design of buildings, interiors, installations, furniture and products.

During her 4 years of work at Amanda Levete Architects she worked on the interior design concept of the winning scheme for the Victoria and Albert museum extension, the detailed façade design for the innovative Central Embassy tower in Bangkok, and completed several product and bespoke furniture pieces, known for pushing the boundaries of material use and fabrication techniques.

In 2012 she set up to pursue her true passion to design innovative and sustainable art installations, exhibitions, stage designs and festival structures.

Since then designed and completed internationally recognized installations for well-known musicians and visual artists such as Mira Calix, (Inside There Falls, Sydney music festival) Universal Everything (‘Universal Everything & You’, Science museum of London) and offered freelance design services to highly established event production companies such asELMSLY, MLstudio (Deadmau5: Nokia Lumia Launch, Budweiser stage in Dublin), Jack Morton (Samsung events venue),Imagination (Jaquar XE launch), and world leading brand and retail design firms such as Allen International (LifeLab).
Recent works for festivals such as the Afro Banana Republic and Exodus, have set the current trajectories for, which is now passionately focusing on designing experiences for transformational festivals.

  • developing strong concepts, explored and communicated through both hand sketching and digital design means, and has extensive knowledge of materials and fabrication methods.
  • passionate about creating space for new experiences and incorporating traditional making techniques along with new innovative technologies.
  • curious about things that make sense and serve their purpose. About how the living bridges in the Amazon are made, how the cuttlefish skin changes colours, why our brain cells emit and receive bio-photons and how Tesla's free energy system works.
  • passionate about designs that derive from deep understanding of sacred geometries, natural processes, human emotions and behaviours - that is when aesthetics fall into place and useful and beautiful things emerge.

Pea Horsley – speaker: Pea is the UK's most highly regarded animal communicator. She is an internationally renowned workshop facilitator and the author of Heart to Heart and The Animal Communicator's Guide Through Life, Loss and Love, published in 6 languages. Pea is passionate about helping people awaken to the teachings the animals wish to share.

Mark Stevenson – speaker: Mark Stevenson is one of the world’s most respected thinkers on technology and societal trends – helping you see where the world is going – and how to adapt. He is the author of the internationally bestselling An Optimist’s Tour of the Future which has been translated into 12 languages and was described by Wired as “a very coherent and entertaining journey through the world of future technology”. His follow up book We Do Things Differently: travels on the cutting edge of change will be published in January 2017.

Stevenson has also written for The Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Intelligent Life, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Daily Telegraph, and The New Statesman. His key skill is the ability to take complex or abstract concepts and make them understandable by non-specialists without trivialising the subject matter.

His many advisory roles include Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Earth Challenge, Civilised Bank, Atlas of the Future and The Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

As founder of the cultural change agency, he spends much of his life working across the globe with organisations of every hue, helping them see their role in creating a better future, or to die gracefully if they need to. The company’s clients are a diverse mix of government agencies, NGOs, corporates and arts organisations.

TED curator Chris Anderson remarks, “Stevenson wears no blindfold. His tools are curiosity, open-mindedness, clarity and reason”. Stevenson is also an occasional comedy writer. His work has been performed on Radio 4 and his play (co-written with Jack Milner) Octopus Soup will tour internationally in 2017.

“Mark did a spellbinding job. It was a tremendous speech met with a standing ovation. It is not often that you can hear a pin drop in a room that size – but the audience was enthralled. Wonderful!” – US Space Foundation

“Mark is an entertaining and engaging speaker, and has a rare gift for making complex subjects clear and accessible without straying into glibness. We were impressed that several audience members commented that his talk spoke directly to their own desire to create
change. Mark is practical yet has the capacity to inspire - you don't get both very often.” – RSA

“Mark was an excellent, thought provoking and highly entertaining speaker, opening the annual international conference for our profession. He was just the right mix of informative, humorous, challenging and engaging. He was well prepared, rehearsed and professional. We had only positive feedback. Mark was also very giving of his time throughout the remainder of the conference. I can highly recommend him.” – James & Wells Intellectual Property

Delirium Elephants – performance: In 2012  Dimitris Zachariou collaborates with Stefanos Georgiadis and they form the band Delirium Elephants. They combined their musical backgrounds to create the soundscapes of their first album “Songs and Poems” and in 2013  they signed their first record contract with  “2419 Record Label”. Now as a 7 piece band they finished their second album called "driving into the night"


On November 19th at ΤΡΑΚΑΣΟΛ Cultural Centre 10 speakers and performers from all over the world will share their perspectives of this year's theme, NEW WORLD ORDER(s).

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