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It’s About Time: TEDxNicosiaWomen 2016

‘How does time shape our lives?’
Time is a personal affair.  And, the time has come to explore this powerful theme. The TEDWomen 2016 topic, ‘It’s About Time’ which will be presented in California, will once again be transported through a global conversation to Nicosia via TEDxNicosiaWomen. 
With five live speakers and a live connection with TEDWomen in California, USA, the event, which is brought to us with the kind support of our strategic partner, Cytamobile-Vodafone, will take place on October 27th, 2016 at the Cyta Headquarters’ Amphitheater. 
How many times have you thought that the 24 hours we get in a day are hardly ever enough? Isn’t it fascinating to think that not even all the phenomenal 21st century inventions, technology and science can make time pause or stop? Or have they?
TEDWomen 2016 will explore the conventions and challenges of time. Because it’s about time we find long-term solutions to climate change, poverty, immigration, violence, race, gender and economic inequities. There will be over 240 TEDx events around the world sharing the livestream and presenting local speakers.
TEDxNicosiaWomen 2016 will rejoice in the true essence of women through a platform of ideas, stories and solutions that impact our local community and initiate change. It will explore how time and attention shape our lives, as well as ways that we can mold time. 
On October 27th, to the Cyta Headquarters’ Amphitheatre stage we will be welcoming Alexia Pissarides, dancer, visual artist and creative producer with installation work, workshops and impressive collaborations under her belt, who’s successfully paved the way for dancers in Cyprus. 
Andrea Solomonides, the most sociable loner on Planet Earth,  or so she says, is among the five speakers. And you don’t want to miss this one because she recently journeyed through China, Russia and Mongolia in an aim to help improve the conventional way Asia and Europe are connected by land, air and sea. And she’s worked on Political Campaign Management projects. 
Louiza Sophocleous is a scientist and the winner of FameLab, an international competition for science communicators. In her free time she enjoys attempting to be a dog trainer and will be gracing the stage at this TEDx event. Look out for Marina Katsari who will probably whisk us away on a magical fairytale ride full of drama and passion as she is a little story-teller with a big imagination.
And last but not least, Dr Andreas Stavroulis, obstetrician and gynaecologist and promoter of natural maternity, who will be speaking to us about our options. Because it’s about time we knew them.      
“This year’s theme will hopefully intrigue people to see that the time has come for an action, a decision, a new venture, or a collective initiative. Or, perhaps, that it’s time to start, pause or put an end to a habit, activity, action or frame of mind,’ says Mahi Solomou TEDxNicosiaWomen Curator.
As part of the TEDx spirit and community, TEDxNicosiaWomen will be featuring a direct livestream from the TEDWomen stage in California with talks being viewed for the first time in our public domain. And of course a session with local speakers and performers will follow. The powerful ideas to be revealed promise an unforgettable global experience. 
Meanwhile, the TEDxNicosiaWomen team challenges you to take the time to change, to grow, to read and listen. And to ask yourself: ‘What it is about time to consider?’
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