News Technology TEDx Bruce Lee's daughter, Shannon to speak at TEDxLimassol

Bruce Lee's daughter, Shannon to speak at TEDxLimassol

Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee, will be presenting at TEDxLimassol on 3 October.
TEDxLimassol aims to make the city a centre of scientific, technological research, innovation, and creativity in the wider south-east Mediterranean region.  They are presenting Shannon Lee the daughter of the legendary Bruce Lee.
The main subject of the upcoming TEDxLimassol conference is True Heroes, and it will be taking place in Limassol for the second year in a row on Saturday 3 October, with 20 speakers and musicians from in Cyprus and abroad.
TEDxLimassol is powered by the Bank of Cyprus and MTN, and is based on the international models.  They are presenting the true heroes that inspire, innovate and supply participants with impulses, ideas, perceptions, in the vanguard of thought, science and art.
Shannon Lee is coming to Cyprus for TEDxLimassol and will be advising us to find our courage, trust in ourselves, our self-confidence, and realise that which we always forget: that we are all heroes.  
Through her father’s legendary figure she asks us to take part, find our inspiration, broaden our horizons, to enrich our lives, to live in the now.
Shannon Lee is the head of the Bruce Lee Foundation, which has a mission of inspiring people through the story of her father. Shannon is the sole owner of Bruce Lee Enterprises, and has the exclusive ownership of all the merchandising and relative rights that deal with the name Bruce Lee, his image, characteristics, symbols, and logos all over the world.
Shannon’s attempts are heroic.  She struggles daily to maintain her inheritance, her self-cultivation, personal freedom, and the perfection of her father’s character alive.
She believes that her father’s memory is alive, and will share it through her presentation at TEDxLimassol.
The site also has information on the event and the guest speakers.