News Technology Fibre optic cable capacity can be increased

Fibre optic cable capacity can be increased

As internet traffic is increasing over time with devices beyond devices being connected to it, the need to have cables and signals that run longer distances is growing.
University researchers have come up with a very clever solution to this problem.
Electrical engineers at the University of California, San Diego have just broken the capacity limits of fibre optic cables nearly 20 times, successfully sending a signal through 7,456.45 miles of cable without needing electronic regenerators. This breakthrough could potentially increase the strength of the fibre optic cables that connect the world.
Current fibre optic tech only allows for a certain amount of strength before the signals through the cables distort, requiring the usage of expensive electronic regenerators to increase the signal clarity over a long distance. This distortion is called "crosstalk," and it adheres to a set of physical principles. In other words, this distortion isn't random, and thus, predictable.
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