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Google acquires Agawi

Google secretly acquired the tech start-up Agawi last-year to expand its already strong hold over the internet.
Agawi is used to promote apps without actually having to download them to a smart-phones.  
Google confirmed the deal directly to TechCrunch in a terse note. “The Agawi team has joined Google. We aren’t sharing other details,” a spokesperson said.
The Information describes Google’s move to buy Agawi and integrate its technology as part of the search giant’s larger efforts to get people back to using the web, and specifically away from downloading apps in order to enjoy content.
One way Google could use Agawi’s technology could be enhance how app search in Google works. Its streaming technology could be used to let people search for and then preview apps before downloading them.
Agawi, which started out in Peter Relan’s YouWeb incubator, has been around in one shape or another since 2010 (its first name was iSwifter). In theory its technology could be used for all kinds of content, although it focused its efforts initially on gaming and then developing ad units where people could play the games from within the ads.