News Politics Cyprus talks reaching potential impasse - parties say

Cyprus talks reaching potential impasse - parties say

Political parties have expressed concern on the Cyprus talks reaching a potential impasse, if certain parts of the Turkish Cypriot approach do not change, the heads reported following a National Council meeting on Monday.
Sigma TV learnt that President Nicos Anastasiades appeared to be discouraged by the talks’ process and that if things do not changes during the next three meetings with Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, then the inability to continue to work to reach a solution will be confirmed. 
From today’s meeting, the Council has discerned that there needs to be an examination into Turkey’s goals, with the help of international specialists on Turkey, and a plan to deal with the threats coming from Ankara.  The government has said that there is a plan to handle these issues. 
According to Sigma’s information, there was also a positive stance on a potential meeting of the National Council on May 17, to discuss Turkey’s strategy and positions on the Cyprus problem in depth.  
Sigma learnt that there is also an issue in the stance that UN Secretary General Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide has maintained, which were raised by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.  
DISY: Reliability, prudence, and objective analysis
The President of the DISY party, Averof Neophytou said that there needs to be a climate of reliability, prudence, and also objective analysis after the National Council meeting.
In a post on Twitter, Neophytou said: “The process of the Cyprus problem is not only dependent on us.  We are not playing by ourselves unfortunately.” 
Neophytou did not make any further comments are the meeting, aside from the post to Twitter. 
AKEL: In a deadlocked process
AKEL Secretary General Andros Kyprianou has expressed concern over the way things are developing in relation to the negotiations on the Cyprus problem.  “It is apparent that we are heading into a process, that seems deadlocked, unless essential approaches are changed,” he said. 
After the National Council meeting, Kyprianou added that the party has reiterated to the President that a discussion on the important parts of the Cyprus problem must be sought in the form of an informal discussion, which can be changed to a formal discussion, when its discerned that convergences can exist on issues such as, security, territorial adjustment and property, executive power, and political equality.
He said that there should also be an analysis of the facts in the wider region and Turkey as they affect Cyprus.
The AKEL Secretary General said that he is not alluding to accepting an agreements by making discounts on issues of value to find any solution.  “Quite the opposite, the stance and the position of AKEL, which I reiterated to the National Council, is that we must negotiate hard, with insistence on the basic principles of a solution the Cyprus problem,” he said.
EDEK: A change in strategy or a change in government
President of the EDEK part, Marinos Sizopoulos said that there needs to be a change in strategy at the negotiations, otherwise there should be a change in government at the next elections.
After the meeting, he said that based on the information received from President Anastasiades and the developments on the Turkish side, “especially in Turkey,” the failure of the strategy “we have been following at the Cyprus talks,” has been confirmed. 
Sizopoulos added that all those who have invested on the good will expressed by the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci “are being proven wrong.” 
Symmachia Politon: Proposal at National Council for an in-depth analysis of Turkish policy
The Symmachia Politon party has submitted a proposal at the National Council for a special meeting of the body to make an in-depth study on Turkey’s policies and the developments in the area, party President Yiorgos Lillikas said.
He added that the President’s reaction to the proposal was positive, but that the meeting cannot be held as soon as possible.
However, Lillikas said that the President appears inclined to hold a new National Council meeting on May 17.  
“The estimation is that the talks have essentially stalled, and we are being driven to an impasse,” he said. 
Solidarity Movement: Need for new National Council meeting
Following the National Council meeting, the leader of the Solidarity Movement, Eleni Theocharous said that there needs to be a new meeting of the body to examine all the new information after the referendum held in Turkey on April 16. 
She added that President Anastasiades appears disappointed in the stance of Akinci, his compromises, and that there are new demands each time. 
“We have asked for a new National Council meeting to be held as soon as possible, so we can look at the circumstances in combination with the results of the referendum in Turkey, and the crisis that is appearing in our area, with the movements of the Turkish fleet,” she said.
Green Party: Things are not at all good with the Cyprus problem
Green Party leader Giorgos Perdikis said that the need for a change in strategy on the Cyprus problem is not ideological, but is supported on the confirmed change in the background the government’s policy was based.   
He said “it is crystal clear” that things are not going well at all, adding that the party is concerned with the position of Eide and the powers he is seeking through the negotiations.  Perdikis said that he requested President Anastasiades to strengthen the position of the Greek Foreign Minister, who had sent a letter on his concerns to the UN Secretary General.