News Politics Akinci wants CBMs between G/Cs, T/Cs to be realised

Akinci wants CBMs between G/Cs, T/Cs to be realised

Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci has said that there are “misconceptions” about Sunday’s dinner between himself and President Nicos Anastasiades, in statements after meeting with the UK’s Director General of Defence and Intelligence at the Foreign Office Jonathan Allen on Thursday.
Akinci added that the “misconception” is that only confidence building measures will be discussed. 
“These are not right. Of course, the lack of confidence between the two peoples does not make us happy. At least, realising the decisions we had taken with consensus two years ago will be beneficial for both sides. It is saddening and thought-provoking that these could not be realised,” he said.
Regarding the confidence building measures, Akinci said that a decision was made on connecting mobile phones on May 28, 2015 and that all the technical problems were overcome on this issue.
However, the Turkish Cypriot noted that mobile phones were not connected due to a law that was passed in the Republic of Cyprus.  
“The other decision we had taken was to permanently interconnect the electricity between the two sides. It was connected temporarily. They take electricity from us and we do the same when needed. Temporary connections were made, the system was tested and we saw that it is working fine. According to the Greek Cypriot side there is a need for one last control. OK let’s do it. They said they needed funding and then said they had found it. However, the connection has yet to take place,” he said.
Akinci noted that the decisions were made two years ago, but were never put into practice to reinforce confidence on the island. 
The Turkish Cypriot added that giving the Greek Cypriot side’s stance regarding the implementation of the decisions taken by the Education Committee and the Crisis Committee as an example, Akinci said “When fires break out in the North of the island the Greek Cypriots want their fire engines to cross over without covering their emblems but they do not show the same flexibility to our fire engines when they are going to cross over to the south and assist with fire outbreaks. If their recognition phobia is not overcome progress cannot be achieved.”
Referring to the dinner to be held on Sunday, Akinci said that they will be discussing a timetable for the period ahead as time cannot be wasted and expressed the belief that the official negotiations process will probably resume after April 20.
He noted that a great duty fell upon the UN preceding the dinner. Akinci said that the UN needed to increase shuttle diplomacy between the two sides as this was the only way to quickly evaluate the process.
He also expressed the hope that in the period ahead in order for it to be more prosperous everyone will work eagerly and added that as the Turkish Cypriot side they will continue to work with good intensions.