News Politics Kasoulides: ISIS suspects deported from Cyprus in last year

Kasoulides: ISIS suspects deported from Cyprus in last year

In the last year ten foreigners have been deported after information of their possible involvement in ISIS, Cyprus’ Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioannis Kasoulides said on Saturday.

Speaking about the increased security measures that are being taken in Cyprus, he said that the people concerned had been arrested at the island’s entry points and road checkpoints of the occupied areas. 

He added that they had not given accurate explanations for their trip to the country, and due to a lack of documentation for authorities they were deported.

According to the minister, there had been information that French, Britons, and Australians had been deported.

On the attacks in Paris, Kasoulides said that unfortunately it is obvious that ISIS has brought is barbarous activity abroad, which only further emphasises the need for immediate cooperation and raising of security measures against the organisation.  He added that there also needs to be quicker communication for a political solution of the problem in Syria, which will open a road for a final and complete victory over the so-called Islamic State.

The terrorist attacks in France stress the need for coordination between countries to fight terrorism in order to achieve the ultimate defeat of the Islamic State, Kasoulides pointed out.

Speaking from the Crisis Management Centre at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kasoulides condemned the unprecedented terrorist attack in France, stressing that it no terrorist will be allowed to affect everyday life or the freedoms enjoyed in our country.

“We express our full sympathy and solidarity to the French Government,” he said, expressing condolences to the families of the victims, and full recovery to the injured.

Kasoulides said that ISIS has exported its barbaric activity by killing innocent people outside Syria, noting that this development requires coordination and increased action against ISIS from the EU and other states, and also a consultation for a political settlement of the situation in Syria. This will be something, he went on to say, that will pave the way for a final and total defeat of ISIS, wherever it is based.

The Minister said that the victims in France and the victims in the Russian airplane and the bombing in Beirut, are victims of freedom. The fight against terrorism is not a matter of France, nor of Russia and Lebanon, it is a matter that concerns all of us, he stressed.

Kasoulides announced that according to information from the French authorities and the Embassy of Cyprus to Paris, there are no Cypriots among the victims. He reiterated, however, that this is an issue that concerns all countries.

Asked if yesterday’s terrorist attacks proved that the EU has failed on terrorism, Kasoulides said no. However, he admitted that such terrorist attacks by suicide bombers are very difficult to predict and face.

“What should be done is firstly not to be terrified by the terrorists, and secondly, all the participants in the coalition for fighting this terrorist organisation [need to] work together to come up with the ultimate defeat of this organisation”, he said.

Source: CNA