News Politics Cyprus committed to implementing goals of UN

Cyprus committed to implementing goals of UN

Cyprus is committed both nationally and as an EU member to implementing the goals and targets of the UN  post-2015 development agenda, President Nicos Anastasiades has said.
Addressing Saturday the United Nations summit for the adoption of the UN  post-2015 development agenda, in New York, the President said that all the UN member states should feel proud for the adoption of this agenda as it reflects the high principles of effective multilateralism and close cooperation of the nations of the world.
He said that Cyprus has been actively involved throughout the two year process of developing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets.
Cyprus President pointed out that we are proud that the universal agenda we are endorsing in this Summit is a truly ambitious and inclusive one, with poverty eradication and sustainable development at its heart.
``It brings together, in a comprehensive and integrated manner, the 3 dimensions of sustainable development: Economic, Social and Environmental``, he said.
In his speech the President said that the new agenda marks a change of thought and attitude towards our natural resources and the way we use them and it places people at the center of development efforts.
He said that the new agenda promotes human prosperity and well being, peace and justice and fights inequalities among and within countries, pursues gender quality and empowerment of women and adheres to the full enjoyment of human rights, to the rule of law and the principles of international law and good governance.
``These fundamental principles constitute the backbone of peace and stability within and among countries and they are prerequisites for the successful implementation of the new Post 2015 development agenda``, the President also underlined.
Anastasiades went on to say that climate change is a global challenge of the highest priority due to its severe and multidimensional effects on humanity and the planet.
``It should be central in the 2030 agenda due to its critical importance and cross-cutting nature in the implementation of all Sustainable Development Goals``, he concluded.
Source: CNA