News Politics Netanyahu expresses his desire to visit Cyprus soon

Netanyahu expresses his desire to visit Cyprus soon

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his sincere hopes for a further development to the already excellent relations between Cyprus and Israel, as a mutual cooperation could be beneficial. 
Netanyahu welcomed President Anastasiades to Israel, noting that Cyprus and Israel are geographical neighbours, which could partly account for the close relations between the two countries as they share common democratic values and concerns.
The Israeli President stated that “the relations between Israel and Cyprus are long-standing. In recent years especially, we have seen this relationship go from strength to strength. We have seen and increase a dialogue between our governments. And we achieved a cooperation between Israel and Cyprus almost in every field: from culture to tourism, to economy, energy, water and gas.”
Referring to security issues, Netanyahu pointed out that all the neighbouring countries have to deal with the nightmare of terrorism, giving the credits to the Cypriot authorities for the recent arrest of a 26-year-old Lebanese national on the case of ammonium nitrate.
Anastasiades: “I feel like home”
On his part, Anastasiades said he was pleased to be once more in Israel, the second time in the last two years, stating that there is an unprecedented growth in all aspects of the bilateral relations; political, economic, including cooperation on energy, and in the area of people to people contacts and cultural exchanges.
President Anastasiades has also opened the possibility of a new tripartite meeting between Greece, Cyprus and Israel.
At the moment, President Anastasiades is attending an official dinner hosted by Netanyahu in honour of the President of the Republic of Cyprus.
Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his desire to pay a visit to Cyprus as soon as possible, after receiving an invitation by President Anastasiades. However, a specific date for the visit has not been set yet.
Source: Sigmalive