News Local Fire in Vouni home kills man and woman

Fire in Vouni home kills man and woman

A man and woman have lost their lives after a fire that broke out in their home in Vouni on Tuesday, SigmaLive has learnt.
The two individuals, brother and sister, are estimated to be approximately 70, but officials have not yet released further details. 
According to SigmaLive’s information the roof of home fell on the two individuals after the fire broke out. 
Cyprus’ Fire Services are arriving on the scene along with Limassol police to further investigate the incident. 
The exact details of the individuals’ death will be released tomorrow, after an autopsy is conducted on the bodies by medical examiner Aggeliki Papeta. 
“We don’t know what caused the fire yet…we saw the smoke and went to the home.  We were not allowed to approach the home,” Mr Protopapas, the mayor of the village told SigmaLive.
He added that the firefighters were able to approach the home after approximately an hour, where they found the burnt bodies of the two siblings.
The two siblings, the mayor said, are 71 and 69 and lived together in the home.
Mr Protopapas added that the 69-year-old man had recently retired from his job.
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