News Local Good Friday services to be held across Cyprus

Good Friday services to be held across Cyprus

Christians across Cyprus will be gathering to celebrate the Good Friday services today, where the funereal hymns will be chanted and the procession of the tomb of Christ, ‘Epitafios’, will occur. 
Traditionally, the tomb is decorated with flowers and the icon of Christ is placed within, for believers to worship.  Believers pass underneath the ‘Epitafios’ after presenting themselves in front of the icon.  
The ‘Epitafios’ is then lifted and taken on a procession through the streets, with believers, once again, passing underneath the tomb before it is returned to the church.  
During the procession the priest chants the funereal hymns to Christ, and believers follow along in the streets, while some others stand at the gates of their homes and rain holy water on the procession.  
On Saturday Christians will be celebrating the resurrection of Christ.
In the morning, a service is held, which is known locally as the “first resurrection”, where the parable of how the women went to wash the body and spread incense is told.  
The women, including Mary Magdalene, visited the tomb on Saturday morning and found the stone blocking the tomb entrance rolled away, and an angel in front of the tomb. 
The angel is said to have told the women that the person they seek is not in the tomb.
Christians celebrate this event in the morning, and in the evening celebrate at a midnight service celebrate the resurrection.