News Local Police continue investigating murder of Andros Rodotheou

Police continue investigating murder of Andros Rodotheou

Police are continuing investigations in the Limassol village of Yerasa, following the murder of local businessman Andros Rodotheou on Wednesday night. 
According to SigmaLive’s information the incident occurred at approximately 9pm, after Rodotheou, 61, finished eating dinner with two friends.  
The assailants or assailant, as the number of attackers continues to remain unknown, fired a “warning” shot towards the direction of the Nicosia businessman, and then fired a number of shots in his direction.  
On Wednesday night, just after the murder, police said that it is possible the assailants were professional assassins. 
Rodotheou was shot the moment he was in his house with his friends.
According to SigmaLive's information, Rodotheou shouted "Mother of God," just before being shot. 
During the night, Limassol police were “combing” the area to find the assailant or assailants, without being able to locate them.  
According to SigmaLive’s information, the autopsy showed that Rodotheou died from a single bullet found, which caused him to bleed out.
Police have already received witness statements from the two friends that were with Rodotheou at the scene of his murder.
Authorities are continuing to take witness statements from individuals involved with the Nicosia businessman. 
In an article published in Alitheia newspaper on Thursday, Rodotheou had previously said that there was a plan to murder him in 2010. 
According to the newspaper, the Nicosia businessman told the newspaper then that the reasons behind the plan to kill him, were his business activities in the betting industry.  
He told the newspaper that the individuals that wanted him dead, believed that he was an obstacle to their expanding business activities. 
The businessman told the newspaper in 2010 that he was not a “gangster”, and that he only owned a Bingo shop and a field, which he worked in.   
The video at that the start of the article shows the scene being investigated by police.
The following image show the scene of the murder as it happened on Wednesday night.