News Local Two girls prostituted by their mother - Nicosia Court hears

Two girls prostituted by their mother - Nicosia Court hears

Two girls with mild mental disabilities were abused and forcefully prostituted out at the hands of their own mother and brother, the Nicosia District Court heard on Tuesday, according to media reports on Wednesday. 
The two girls, who remained anonymous, described the abuse they lived at the hands of their own relatives, after a village priest encouraged them to speak.  The mental disabilities that the girls are suffering from, were a product of the abuse they endured.   
The claim with authorities was initially filed in 2015.  
According to Politis newspaper, the mother and brother of the two girls had fled abroad, inciting authorities to issue a European arrest warrant.  The mother and son were eventually arrested in Greece at the beginning of March and were brought to Cyprus last week for the hearings. 
In detail the girls, one of whom is an adult and the other whom is underage, said that they were forced to work in bars and pleasure the customers to bring money home for the family, as per an agreement the mother made with the bar owners. According to the testimonies heard in court, when one of the girls did not bring home money, she would be hit angrily abused by her mother.  The second daughter would then involve herself in the conflict in an attempt to protect her sister.
According to the newspaper, one of the most shocking incidents was when one of the girls did not bring money home, inciting the mother hit her daughter in the head with a heated stirring spoon.  
In another claim heard by the court, one of the girls was held by the neck by her brother, while her mother beat her repeatedly and called her "worthless".  
The two girls were living in Germany to in attempt to escape their familial situation.