News Local Company constructing Akkuyu plant visits Cyprus

Company constructing Akkuyu plant visits Cyprus

The Russian nuclear energy company, Rosatom, has arrived in Cyprus to discuss the construction of the Akkuyu Nuclear Plant in Mersin, Turkey, SigmaLive learnt on Friday. 
The plant will be constructed on the southeast Turkish coast, just over 180 km away from the start of the Karpas peninsula in Cyprus and approximately 300 km away from Nicosia.
The goal of the Russian company is to meet with authorities on the island, to calm concerns on the potential danger that could exist with the creation of the nuclear plant. 
According to Sigma’s information, the company has already organised a meeting with Parliament President Demetris Syllouris on Wednesday at 8am.  
The company also requested a meeting with the parliamentary committee on the Environment, but was denied by the committee. 
The head of the committee, Adamos Adamou told SigmaLive that since the parliament has taken a clear position on the creation of the plant, and on the dangers for the wider region, the committee believes there is no reason to meet with the company.   
Rosatom has visited Cyprus in 2015 to discuss the nuclear project in Turkey.
The Akkuyu plant construction has been considered controversial in Cyprus due to the area being seismically active.
The Cyprus Green Party and the Turkish Cypriot New Cyprus Party said in an announcement in 2012 that they protested the creation of the plant “mere hour’s distance from the island’s shores.” 
Akkuyu’s construction was also characterised as dangerous by Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, who said it could cause a serious human and regional danger.
However, plans to move forward with the plant’s construction have continued, with the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan saying in 2016: “Following the talks, we agreed to speed up the Akkuyu project. I am sure that we are able to catch up with the schedule.”