News Local Bill to split Pan-Cyprian exams into trimesters passes

Bill to split Pan-Cyprian exams into trimesters passes

Parliament has passed a bill to split the Pan-Cyprian exams into trimesters, Sigma’s correspondent at the parliament reported on Friday.
Thirty-four parliamentarians (MPs) voted in favour of the bill, while 17 voted against the bill. 
A controversial amendment was also passed, which incited reactions from AKEL MPs on social media. 
AKEL MP Stefanos Stefanou posted on Twitter in Greek, after the vote that the ruling DISY party is between the ideas of “union” and “a solution”.  
MP Eleni Mavrou, from the AKEL party, has said on Twitter in Greek that in the year 2017, “schools will be celebrating the referendum for union of 1950!!!”
A tweet in Greek from the official account of the AKEL party said: “However they want a solution…By abstaining, DISY has allowed for the referendum for union of ’50 to be honoured in schools.”
The amendment to the bill proposed by the far-right party ELAM, would create school holiday on the anniversary of a 1950 referendum calling for union with Greece, known by the Greek name as ‘Enosis’.
Nineteen MPs voted in favour of the amendment, while 16 voted against and 18 abstained. 
The unofficial ‘Enosis’ referendum was held between January 15 and 22, 1950, where 95.7 per cent of the voters were in favour of union with Greece.
The referendum was requested by the Greek Orthodox Church in Cyprus in 1949, but the then British colonial government denied the request.
After the denial of the colonial government to hold the referendum, the church proceeded to hold an unofficial vote in churches on two consecutive Sundays in January.