News Local Syllouris, Mosler-Tornstrom discuss local authority reforms

Syllouris, Mosler-Tornstrom discuss local authority reforms

Local government reform in Cyprus was discussed by Parliament President Demetris Syllouris and the head of the Council of Europe Congress for Local and Regional Authorities, Gudrun Mosler-Tornstrom, a press release said on Thursday. 
According to the announcement, Syllouris briefed Mosler-Tornstrom on the relevant discussion at the competent Parliamentary Committee regarding the outstanding issues and the challenges involved in reducing the number of municipalities in Cyprus.
The CoE’s Congress head referred to the huge know-how the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe has and the recommendations they issue exercising supervisory duties to the local authorities of the 47 member states of the organisation.
In addition to the recommendations on the legislative framework which will reform local government in Cyprus, Mosler-Tornstrom expressed the readiness of the Congress to support in every way the deepening of democracy and the enhanced participation of citizens in the democratic process in Cyprus.
Source: CNA