News Local Hooded knife thief steals €100 from Limassol bakery

Hooded knife thief steals €100 from Limassol bakery

Limassol Police are searching for a hooded man who robbed a bakery at around 2am this morning, threatening an employee with a knife before running away.
The robber initially posed as a customer before bringing out his knife and threatening the bakery’s 44-year-old cashier to empty the cash register.
Police said the robber stole around 100 euros.
According to the description given to police, the robber was around 1.75-80m tall, aged between 35 to 40 years old, had dark complexion skin and an average physique.
He was also described as wearing black trousers, a black jacket, a black sweatshirt with a hoodie and a jockey-type cap.
Police said they picked up various ‘items of interest’ from the scene of the crime for further examinations.
Limassol Police are investigating.
Source: SigmaLive Greek