News Local Mother gave 'blessing' for 9-year-old daughter to be abused

Mother gave 'blessing' for 9-year-old daughter to be abused

SigmaLive has learnt today that a mother gave her ‘blessing’ for her 34-year-old partner to allow him to sexually assault her nine-year-old daughter.
Since 2012, the mother is alleged to have allowed her partner to sexually abuse her daughter, while also participating in the crime at times, SigmaLive learnt.
The 32-year-old mother is scheduled to appear before Paphos District Court today, following her arrest yesterday.
Police made the arrest after receiving a complaint from an officer at the Welfare Office.
According to the complaint, the mother and the 34-year-old have been under investigation since 2014 and reportedly began assaulting the nine-year-old since 2012, when she was just five years old.
SigmaLive learnt that more than one partner of the 32-year-old may have also sexually assaulted the child.
The child is currently under the Welfare Office’s care.
Today’s court proceedings are expected to be held behind closed doors.
Source: SigmaLive Greek