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Cyprus taking part in Cyber Europe 2016

Cyprus is taking party in Cyber Europe 2016, a pan-European exercise to protect the EU’s infrastructures against coordinated cyber-attacks, an announcement said on Friday. 
The exercise had begun on Thursday and is set to conclude on Friday afternoon. The Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulations (OCECPR), Cyta, MTN, Electronic Crime Unit of the Police, and the Finance Ministry are participating in the exercise.
The announcement said that thousands of experts from all 28 EU member states, Switzerland, and Norway are taking part in Cyber Europe 2016, which is organised every two years by ENISA, the EU Agency for Network and Information Security.
“The experts come together to ensure business continuity and, ultimately, to safeguard the European Digital Single Market,” the announcement added.
Cyber Europe 2016 is aiming to paint scenarios, inspired by events such as the blackout in a European Country during the Holiday season and the dependence on technologies manufactured outside the jurisdiction of the European Union.
The event, the announcement added, is also featuring information sessions on the Internet of Things, drones, cloud computing, innovative exfiltration vectors, mobile malware, ransomware, etc.
The exercise will focus on political and economic policies closely related to cybersecurity. This also takes into account new processes and cooperation mechanisms contained in the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive.
For the first time, a full scenario was developed with actors, media coverage, simulated companies, and social media, bringing in the public affairs dimension associated with cyber crises, so as to increase realism to a level never seen before in cybersecurity exercises.
Cyber Europe 2016 (CE2016) is the largest and most comprehensive EU cyber-security exercise to date. This large-scale distributed technical and operational exercise started in April 2016, offering the opportunity for cybersecurity professionals across Europe to analyse complex, innovative and realistic cybersecurity incidents.
Source: CNA