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Cyprus Police: Anti-terrorist conference

The Cyprus Police force are in the process of organising an international conference on "Anti-Terrorist Policy Principles Law Enforcement: International and Comparative Perspectives".
The conference will be held at the Convention Centre in Nicosia between the dates June 16 and 17, under the auspices of President of the Republic , Mr. Nikos Anastasiades.
The conference will bring together heads of international delegates from Europol, FBI, SEPOPOL Police and other authorities from various countries.
On the first day of the conference, from 9:00 am until 17:00 pm, experts of international scope will make relevant presentations on the subject, while the second day workshops - which will be held behind closed doors - will concern policing and terrorism.
The ultimate aim of the Conference is the meeting and acquaintance of experts with business backgrounds on terrorism to achieve substantive and constructive exchange positions, knowledge and expertise in an effort to strengthen the scientific field of the fight against international terrorism.
Topics of presentation and discussion will be: 
Anti terrorist actions on the ground: A comparative approach to the application areas of counter-terrorism tactics. 
The geopolitical situation in the Mediterranean Sea. 
Suicidal Terrorist Attacks: Operational Issues. 
Best Practices and Pathways Contact with the media.
The conference will be chaired by Dr. Maria (Maki) Haberfeld, Professor at the Faculty of Law of Criminal Justice Police Science and Administration at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York University, United States of America.
Entrance will be allowed only to those who have been invited by the Cyprus Police and have completed and sent in the registration form. For purposes of safety, the conference will be emplacing stringent security measures.
Source: SigmaLive Greek