News Local Former defence minister Papacostas dies at 76

Former defence minister Papacostas dies at 76

Former Minister of Defence Costas Papacostas died due to various health problems on Monday morning, SigmaLive was told.
Papacostas had been sentenced to five-years in jail for the explosion at Mari and was being cared for at Nicosia General for his health issues.
The funeral will take place no Wednesday.
To former defence minister was born in the now occupied Ayia Triada in Yiallousa in Famagusta district on 12 November 1939.
He studied at the School of National Defence in Greece and then followed on to police academies on the US and Germany.  
Papacostas served in Cyprus’ army for 18 years and reached the level of Colonel.  In 1973 he was added to a force to deal with EOKA B and then in 1974 he led a resistance force in the 15 July coup.
He then followed on as a member of the AKEL party in Cyprus, where he built on his political career.
The Republic of Cyprus honoured him with the Medal of Resistance for his actions to protect the country during the 15 July coup.  He was also given a medal for his service in the first EOKA struggle from 1955-1958 to fight British colonial rule.  
He leaves behind a wife and a son and daughter.