News Local Cyprus comes 5th in safest countries in the world

Cyprus comes 5th in safest countries in the world

Cyprus is among the top 5 safest countries in the world for 2015 to spend summer holidays.  This is according to a study published on Value Penguin.

The data that they considered for the study was the population of every country, CO2 emissions, life expectancy, the amount of traffic accidents, the water quality and theft, kidnapping and the trafficking of drugs.

The study notes that Cyprus is the third largest island.  The categories that put Cyprus in 5th place were the 21st position in policing, with 466 police officers per every 100 thousand people and theft, which put the island 22nd as in every 100,000 people there are 111 thefts.

Specifically, according to the study, in first was Switzerland which according to its population measured just 7 crimes per 100 thousand people.  The total security score was 37.

Next in line was Singapore, with 15 crimes per 100 thousand, and a security score of 42, Spain with 37 crimes and a security score of 43, Japan with 51 crimes and a score of 51, and in fifth Cyprus, which with a population of 1,153,000 there are 16 crimes recorded per 100 thousand people giving a security score of 63.

They added that even though Cyprus has been split in 2 since 1974 that until today, there has been significant progress, especially in the last years to reunify the country.

In the study a107 countries of about 195 countries took par, from which trustworthy data was collected, which however managed to divide readers, who are not in complete agreement with the conclusions.

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