News Local Cyprus into a heatwave- Temperatures exceed 40C

Cyprus into a heatwave- Temperatures exceed 40C

Temperatures soar as heatwave hits Cyprus, rising to about 41 degrees. 
A gradual drop in temperatures is expected on Wednesday.
On Monday, the Meteorological service gave out an orange warning as temperature rose to about 43C.
Temperatures are about 3-4 degrees higher than average temperatures for the season.
 An orange warning is in effect from Monday afternoon, with services to urge people to be extremely vigilant and to take to heed all warnings by following any advice to protect themselves from heat strokes.
The Department of Labour Inspection, which is aiming at the safeguarding of adequate levels of safety and health at work, drew workers’ and employees’ attention due to high temperatures, urging them to take all necessary measures for their protection.
Fire brigade and the Department of Forests department are in a state of readiness. 
On Monday, the electricity demand recorded a new level due to high use of air conditioners. Similar records are also expected on Tuesday.
Director of the Transmission System Operator (TSO) Dr. Christos Christodoulides noted that electricity demand exceeded 1010 megawatts, compared to 910 megawatts of last year.
In statements to the Cyprus News Agency, Christodoulides said that demand might surpass 1020 MW on Tuesday, when the overall production capacity is at around 1180 MW.
"Therefore, there is sufficient supply to cover demand, provided that no major faults will affect the electricity system and in particular the production units", the TSO Director said.
Christodoulides reiterated his appeal to the public to save energy.
According to an announcement by the Department of Meteorology, the maximum temperature for Tuesday, from 11am to 5pm local time, is expected to be around 42 degrees Celsius inland and around 32 degrees Celsius on the highest mountains, with the warning level remaining at "yellow", meaning that the weather is potentially dangerous.
At the same time, the competent authorities reassure that water supply remains at satisfactory levels, with reservoirs half-full at 50% of their capacity, compared to 38% on the same day last year.
Water Development Department Deputy Director Andreas Manolis told CNA that all areas are supplied with water without any problems, while water demand in the coastal areas, which are busy with tourists at this time of the year, is higher but can be met.
Manolis said that although water storage levels are better than last year`s, nevertheless the public should try to save water.