News Local 2015 tourist arrivals to close with positive indicators

2015 tourist arrivals to close with positive indicators

President of the Association of Travel Agents (ACTA) Ntinos Kakkouras has said that those involved in the tourist industry believe that this year the tourist season is set to close on a positive note.
Kakkouras told CNA that initial estimates of a 25% drop in tourist arrivals from Russia seem to have been overturned in that the reduction is now estimated to be around 20%, with an anticipated further decline.
Additionally, he explained, there is a significant increase in the number of tourists mainly from the English, German and Swedish markets but also from other destinations such as France, Holland, Poland, Israel and Greece -  in spite of the country`s problems – which has given the tourist industry a boost.
"Results show that there was a slight drop of 1.5%, which is reasonable because June is one of the strongest months of the Russian market. The encouraging sign is that the drop in the number of Russian tourists is not as big as originally estimated and this seems to be covered by other markets, such as England and Germany,” he said.
“The overall decline from the Russian market is around 20%, which is below the 25% originally estimated. According to all indications, there may even be a further reduction. We hope the year will end on a positive note,” he added.
Instability in the region, in countries competing with Cyprus, has led tour operators to bring tourists to the island because it is a safe destination, he explained.
Replying to other questions, he acknowledged that tourists spend less money than they used while on holiday on the island.
When asked about the trend with regard to Cypriots going on their summer holidays, he said Greece remains the top destination, followed by England, Italy, France, Austria and Germany. June, he added, has seen good days but July reservations are far below those of previous years.
Source: CNA