News Local Robotic surgery tech to help battle prostate cancer

Robotic surgery tech to help battle prostate cancer

Da Vinci robotic technology came to Cyprus to use independent limbs controlled by a surgeon to perform minimally invasive surgery.
Doctors in Cyprus have completed their first robotic surgery on the prostate using the machinery at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, Dr David B Samadi told Sigmalive.
Dr Samadi, who works in the urology and robotic surgery fields, was introduced to the technology in France when he was there learning laparoscopic surgery for prostate cancer.  “Fast forward 15 years” he says, the doctor sees this as one of the best alternatives to radiation, when treating cancer.  
“A lot of times people shied away from surgery because it could lead to incontinence and impotence,” Dr Samadi said, highlighting the point that it is no longer the case with robotic surgery, as the risks are significantly reduced.
The doctor, a head of the department at Lenox Hill hospital in New York, said that the team of urologists working in Cyprus are experienced and have good functioning knowledge of the machinery.  
The technology is also being looked into for other surgeries, including gynaecological surgeries, Dr Samadi told Sigmalive.
Closing his message, he called on men over 40 or with a family history of prostate cancer to look into it and do the blood test called the PSA test to check levels and risk of cancer.
All interested parties can learn more information about the institute here.