News Local Committee’s meeting over Modern Greek's ambiguous topic

Committee’s meeting over Modern Greek's ambiguous topic

A relevant committee is set to submit today due to discuss the issue preceded by the Modern Greek exam’s topic, in the context of the Pancyprian Exams, regarding all the queries made for the specific exam paper.
Both students and parents reacted sharply, claiming that the essay topic was equally obscure and vague.
The main aim is to find a clear and fair guidance on how to mark the papers.
After the termination of yesterday's examination, students vehemently expressed their complaints about the essay's topic, describing it as particularly obscure and unclear.
The essay topic as given: 
"Within this specific global context, which is animated and higly battered, our homeland is always deals with special circumstances. Despite of having several experiences and struggles, it seems, however, never to learn.  In recent years, however, is experiencing a historical moment, that is, the end of delusions. In an article you are about to publish in a newspaper, you are asked to present your views on the following: Where these long-term hallucinations were consisted of and how the end of the illusion-era affected people’s daily routine?”
Source: Sigmalive