News Local TEDxNicosiaWomen meets and expands its support group

TEDxNicosiaWomen meets and expands its support group

A support group for women has begun operating from March in Nicosia, when they held their first meeting, inspired by a TEDxNicosiaWomen talk in 2013.  
The group was hosted by Paul Koronis one of the founders of TEDxNicosia, and Mahi Solomou the organiser of TEDxNicosiaWomen.  It was moderated by Anna Koukkides-Procopiou a professional that was inspired by her child to seek support and was inspired by the TEDx talk in 2013.
According to the blog post on TED, the purpose of this group is, “to get the women talking about their experiences, so that they could learn from each other and offer support.”  
The group continues to try and build its netwrk and has been contacted by many group from banks to embassies seeking help building a similar support network.
To read more about the group and the progress it's making and how to get involved, click here