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Foreign media react to "election" in "TRNC"

On Sunday, foreign media briefly covered the Turkish-Cypriot “elections” in the so-called “TRNC” and also referenced the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

With the title and article “Turkish Cypriot leadership vote goes to runoff,” without putting in quotes around the word “vote,” Reuters mentions that only Turkey recognises the so-called “TRNC”.  However, in follow up articles on the elections, they repeatedly refer to the “TRNC” without quotation marks and also make a reference to “Northern Cypriots,” which is not recognised by the international community, except for Turkey.

Euronews’ English site makes a reference to “Northern Cyprus” with capital letters, which is indicative of a reference to the “TRNC,” as a recognised country.

However, the other editions of the website are referenced correctly.

The Deutsche Welle mentions in their report the Turkish invasion and that only Turkey recognises the “TRNC”.  They also reference that the Turkish-Cypriots deny all their rights and obligations as EU citizens.

France24 posted an article entitled “Isolated north Cyprus counts on Turkey for economic survival,” which in its essence does reference that the “TRNC” is recognised only by Turkey, but ignores the benefits the Turkish-Cypriot community receives from Cyprus, in terms of health-care, education, and other things. 

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The second round of “elections” will take place on 26 April, where candidates Dervis Eroglu and Mustafa Akinci will go head-to-head.