News Local Cyprus: A dusty Mediterranean island.

Cyprus: A dusty Mediterranean island.

Highly interesting findings with respect to public health were presented today at a press conference on the 1st Conference of Public Health. The workshop is organized by Cyprus International Institute of Environmental and Public Health and the School of Public Health of TEPAK, both in collaboration with Harvard University. The findings will be presented at length at a workshop organized by TEPAK on Wednesday afternoon.

In a brief speech at the conference, TEPAK Dean Elpida Keravnou-Papaeliou praised the five -year multilateral agreement between the Republic of Cyprus, TEPAK and Harvard School of Public Health.

Harvard Professor, Petros Koutrakis, spoke about the dust storms, a common phenomenon in Cyprus, which affects the public health in various ways. As he continued, Cyprus is the country with the most dust in the atmosphere among other Mediterranean countries. Studies have also highlighted the harmful effects of dust storms. Such facts promote severe health issues as cardiovascular mortality and respiratory morbidity.