News International UK urges Turkey to respect rule of law following referendum

UK urges Turkey to respect rule of law following referendum

The UK’s Foreign Office has taken note of the OSCE’s concerns over the referendum in Turkey on Sunday, CNA reported on Wednesday.
Turkey’s government has been urged to respect its international commitments towards the rule of law and fundamental rights in the implementation of the approved constitutional changes, a Foreign Office spokeswoman said.
In response to a question from the Cyprus News Agency, the spokeswoman said: “Turkey is a close ally and friend of the UK and we have a range of shared interests. We look forward to continuing our close engagement in the future.
“The referendum is an important moment for Turkey. Millions of Turks turned out to express their views and clearly it opens the way to significant changes in Turkey’s system of government. What’s important now is that Turkey enacts these constitutional changes in a way that sustains democracy, respects the rule of law and protects fundamental freedoms in line with its international commitments.
“We note the OSCE’s concerns about the process and encourage the Turkish government to take them seriously and follow their recommendations as well as relevant international commitments as they implement the constitutional changes," the FCO Spokeswoman added.
Source: CNA