News International Erdogan condemns OSCE report on referendum

Erdogan condemns OSCE report on referendum

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has condemned the OSCE report on monitoring of the referendum, Anadolu agency reported on Tuesday. 
He said that Ankara would “ignore its [the report’s] claims.” 
“First you should know your place.  We will not consider, look, or recognise your political report.  We will go our own way,” Erdogan said in reference to the report.
On Monday, the OSCE said in a statement that an “unlevel playing field” was caused in Turkey in the run up to the referendum on April 16.
The report was prepared according to the OSCE’s biased “point of view," he added.
On Sunday’s referendum the “YES” campaign for constitutional reforms won by 51.41 per cent.  
The constitutional reforms foresee Turkey’s change to a presidential system.
Erdogan also spoke out against the EU in his statements on Tuesday, saying: “They had us wait in front of the EU’s door for 54 years.”
He added that Turkey could also hold a referendum on EU membership.
Turkey applied for membership to the union in 1987 and has been stalled in its accession talks due to issues with other member states.