News International Yildirim makes 'Grey wolves' symbol in Turkish parliament

Yildirim makes 'Grey wolves' symbol in Turkish parliament

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has made a nationalist gesture during a meeting of his party’s parliamentary group in parliament on Tuesday, Sigma’s correspondent in Istanbul reported.
Yildirim said: “Our nationalist and patriot brothers have told me ‘the country first, the nation first and we will move forward together’.” 
The Prime Minister’s statements were made in regard to the alliance between his party the AKP and the nationalist party MHP.  
After the statement Yildirim made the symbol of the Turkish nationalist extremist movement the ‘Grey wolves’.  
In Cyprus, the ‘Grey wolves’ have been held responsible for the murder of Tassos Isaac in 1996.  Isaak was beaten to death in the UN buffer zone in Deryneia, during a peaceful protest, which was attacked by nationalists in the occupied areas of Cyprus. 
Arrests warrants were issued in the state-controlled areas of Cyprus for the attackers, which included the leader of the ‘Grey wolves’ in the occupied areas Mehmet Mustafa Arslan.  
The suspected killers of Isaac and his cousin Solomos Solomou killed three days later have not been arrested since that time.