News International Google recalls staffers to US, after Trump's refugee order

Google recalls staffers to US, after Trump's refugee order

Google has recalled travelling staffers to the US after an executive order from President Donald Trump restricting entry for national of seven Muslim-majority countries, reports said on Saturday.  
Syrian refugees are banned from entry until further notice, the order says.
Nationals of six further countries, including Iran and Iraq, will be banned from entering the US for 90 days
The entire US refugee admissions program is suspended for 120 days, and a lower cap on numbers introduced.
On Saturday several Iraqi passengers and a Yemeni national were prevented from boarding a flight at Cairo airport bound for New York, despite holding valid visas for the US.
The American Civil Liberties Union says it has filed a suit challenging the executive order. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) also says it will file a lawsuit.
Google has told the BBC it is concerned about the order and any measures which could block great talent from the US.
The new restrictions will have a major impact on technology companies that hire skilled staff from all over the world on special H1-B visas.
There have been reports that "green card" holders, who are legal permanent residents of the US, being prevented from getting on flights. However, green cards are not specifically mentioned in the executive order, and so the status of green card holders remains unclear.
CAIR advised non-US citizens, including permanent residents, from the seven countries to plan to delay all international travel for at least 90 days.
Trump said the measures detailed in his executive order would "keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the US".
Source: BBC