News International Donald Trump admits he acted little childish

Donald Trump admits he acted little childish

Donald Trump admitted Monday that his rhetoric on the campaign trail may not always sound entirely presidential.
"Probably is a little childish," Trump said in an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett at Trump Tower in New York. "But you know what? This is a campaign."
The billionaire businessman defended his style, saying the attacks he's unleashed on his rivals in the Republican presidential field have largely been reactive.
"I'm responding to them. I'm a counter-puncher," Trump said. "For instance, (Gov. Scott) Walker was very nice to me. All of a sudden, he hit me and I hit him back. All of these guys. (Sen. Marco) Rubio was very nice to me, couldn't have been nicer. All of a sudden a week ago he started hitting me."
Trump has taken shots at many of his competitors -- particularly going after former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Rubio and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul in recent weeks.
He also frequently refers to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton as the "worst" secretary of state in the country's history -- a charge that he repeated on Monday.
"We look at the job that Hillary did as secretary of state -- she goes down as perhaps the worst secretary of state in history and when I run against her evenly in the polls, I'm doing very well against Hillary and beating her," Trump said.
Source: CNN