News International Moscow court sentences BORN leader to life in jail

Moscow court sentences BORN leader to life in jail

Ilya Goryachev, a Russian nationalist, was found guilty by a Moscow court for a string of five killings that included a human rights lawyer and journalist in 2009.
Among those killed by his BORN (Combat Organisation of Russian Nationalists) group were lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova. They were both found dead on the streets of Moscow.
The court has sentenced a Russian nationalist leader to life in jail for his role in a series of hate crimes, including the murders of a prominent human rights lawyer and a journalist.
Goryachev, 33, was earlier found guilty of ordering five killings, setting up an ultra-nationalist group and illegally possessing weapons.
He denies all the charges. When the judge read the verdict, he collapsed in court.
The leader of the BORN movement is expected to launch an appeal.
Source: BBC