News International Facebook slammed over "offensive" baby video

Facebook slammed over "offensive" baby video

A leading child protection organization, NSPCC,  said Facebook must be held accountable following the posting of a 2 minute video showing a terrified sobbing baby being dunked repeatedly in a bucket of water.
Facebook acknowledged the video as "upsetting and disturbing", but said its users should still be able to watch it as the website will not ban all uses of the footage.
Facebook's UK policy director Simon Milner told BBC that by drawing attention to a disturbing situation, the website has "seen from experience that it can and does lead to the rescue of the child".
The baby cries at first but stops after the carer changes the way she is holding the infant. 
Claire Lilley, who leads Child Safety Online for the NSPCC, said the baby was being flung about in a manner which could cause "serious damage" to its limbs.
Following reports claiming the video is an example of "baby yoga", Lilley said: "What is one person's baby yoga in one person's context is child abuse for another."
NSPCC called on the British goverment to take action by forming a new organisation "armed with the legal powers to ensure internet companies are transparent and accountable".
Source: BBC