News International EU citizens in UK excluded from In/Out vote

EU citizens in UK excluded from In/Out vote

EU citizens living in the UK will not be allowed to vote in the upcoming referendum on the In/Out vote, the Prime Minister’s office on Monday.
Commonwealth citizens of the UK and UK citizens living abroad will be able to have a say in the referendum, therefore all the Cypriots living in the UK can join in.
Prime Minister David Cameron, who has promised to renegotiate Britain's EU ties ahead of a vote by the end of 2017, will embark on a tour of five European capitals later this week to hold talks with key EU leaders over his reform plans.
Cameron's office said only those eligible to vote in British national elections, plus members of the upper house of parliament and Commonwealth citizens in Gibraltar, will get a say in the EU referendum.
That means British, Irish, Maltese, Cypriot and other Commonwealth citizens aged over 18 and resident in the UK, as well as UK nationals who have lived overseas for less than 15 years will be able to vote, but no other EU nationals.
Source: Reuters