News International Baby buried alive by parents in China survives

Baby buried alive by parents in China survives

A newborn baby boy has been found alive after being buried for eight days in a cemetery in southern China.
However, the boy was miraculously discovered after a middle-aged woman heard his crying while she was collecting herbs.  
According to a Daily Mail report, the child was buried just five centimetres below the surface in a cardboard box, and was covered in earth and soil that he seeped through the damp box. 
Police also found blankets and other items of clothing inside the box.  
The baby was rushed to the hospital where he received emergency medical treatment.   
Shockingly, as doctors cleaned the dirt off the baby's body he coughed up a thick black substance that doctors reported was dirt that he had been swallowing while underground.
Sources have suggested that the baby was able to survive because rainwater provided him with moisture. 
The Public Security Bureau has arrested several people in connection with the discovery, including the baby's grandmother and three other relatives.  However the Bureau has not arrested the parents due to a 'lack of evidence'.  
Source: Daily Mail