News International 133,000 busted in China’s war against drugs

133,000 busted in China’s war against drugs

Chinese Ministry of Public Security has announced that Chinese authorities have arrested more than 133,000 people and discovered 43.3 tons of drugs during a six-month anti-drug campaign.
Police also handled 115,000 drug-related crimes and 606,000 cases of drug use during the national campaign to "ban drugs in hundreds of cities".
The figures were nearly double the same period a year earlier, while the amount of narcotics seized was up by 44.9%, according to the ministry.
Over the past nine months, a string of movie and television stars, film directors and pop singers have been arrested and charged over drug related incidents, including Jaycee Chan, son of kung fu movie star Jackie Chan, who was convicted on a drug charge and sentenced to six months in prison by a Beijing court.
Nine police officers died and another 657 were wounded in the mission, with 76 severely wounded. 
The ministry rewarded 60 units and 100 people.
Source: CNN