News International Significant agreement reached over Iran's nuclear program

Significant agreement reached over Iran's nuclear program

Iran and six world leaders have reached an outline deal on Tehran’s nuclear programme.

Iran has agreed to have just one atomic facility, to shut down two-thirds of its installed uranium centrifuges, and to dismantle a plutonium-producing reactor.

Iran gets vital sanctions relief as it has to face an inner struggle against Islamic State in which the US and Iran are objectively on the same side and the fighting in Yemen where they are not. Therefore, the agreement indicates that taking the nuclear problem off the chess-board for a period of time is a considerable development.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif told a news conference: “We can now begin to draft the final text of the agreement and its attachments using the solutions achieved over the last three days.”

Federica Mogherini, the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief, coordinated the talks:

“As Iran pursues a peaceful nuclear programme, Iran’s enrichment capacity and enrichment level and stockpile will be limited for specific duration and there will be no other facilities than Natanz”.

President Obama: "If Iran cheats, the world will know it."

U.S. President Barack Obama said that it is a substantial deal to be made that meets all the core objectives, since it prevents Iran’s aspirations for developing a nuclear weapon.

It has to be noted that negotiations have not been easy, but a deal seems to have suited all sides. Many details still need to be worked out. Experts say the framework deal is delicate and believe it will be much more difficult to reach a final accord.

Benjamin Netanyahu: “A nuclear agreement would threaten the survival of Israel”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the agreement announced by six world powers and Iran to restrain the latter’s nuclear ambitions would threaten the survival of Israel and pave the way to an Iranian nuclear bomb.

According to the prime minister’s office, Netanyahu spoke with President Obama on Thursday night and expressed Israel’s strong opposition to the preliminary agreement.

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