News Greece Filis: Challenges to Cyprus problem after Turkish referendum

Filis: Challenges to Cyprus problem after Turkish referendum

Turbulence and challenges are expected for the Cyprus problem following Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s win in a referendum on Sunday, Dr Constantinos Filis, the director of research at the Institute of International Relations in Greece, told Huffington Post’s Greek edition on Monday. 
Filis said that if Erdogan feels that he is being “constricted” in Turkey’s interior and he is pressured by Kemalists (supporters of the founding father of modern-day Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk) in fear of destabilisation he could use Cyprus and Greece as a distraction. 
The research director added that Erdogan is aware of the “drastic limitations” and the “large risks” that cine with threatening a “heated incident”, which is why it is estimated that something of that nature is not possible and “will not probably be central planned by Ankara”.
“This leaves the scenario of provocation or an accident open, due to the fact that the armed forces are in a regrouping phase,” he said. 
He added that in regards to the “equation of Greco-Turkish relations” the issue of the Middle East is added.  “Turkey is attempting to manage the damage in the Middle East and it is attempting to find some common denominators in the US and Russia,” in containing the Syrian Kurds, which are a large priority of Turkish policy.