News Greece Euboea wildfire still threatens town

Euboea wildfire still threatens town

The wildfire raging across the north of Euboea is burning for a third day, with estimations putting the environmental catastrophe at nearly 20,000 hectares of forest lands burnt. 
The small town of Limni is still in danger, with the a boat anchored near the port of the lake in case an evacuation operation is necessary. 
Currently there are 140 firefighters, 58 vehicles, 74 land units, 30 soldiers 27 water trucks and 7 bulldozers taking part in the operations to contain the fore and create a firewall to control the spread of the blaze to the town. 
Meanwhile, the Alternate Minister for Civilians’ Protection, Nikos Toskas is expected to arrive in the area, Monday. Toskas said the large forces operating in the region would prevent the fire spreading to the town. 
The unpredictable wind directions are making efforts to put the blaze under control, as Agricultural Minister Vangelis Apostolou said.
Source: Proto Thema