News Greece Greek pipeline project receives thousands in EU funding

Greek pipeline project receives thousands in EU funding

A Greek project to aid its inter-connectivity with a pipeline running across the Adriatic  will receive over 200,000 euros of EU funding, reports said on Friday.  
Specifically, the EU has decided to mobilise €263 million to support energy infrastructure projects around Europe, including one project in Greece.
The EU support is given to develop preparatory study for a secure and reliable operation of the Baltic States’ power system (EU support €125,010), a study on the gas interconnection at Nea Messimvria in Greece (EU support €243,250). The metering and regulating station will help connect the Greek natural gas transmission system with the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) bringing natural gas from the Caspian Sea.
According to the European Commission, out of the 9 proposals selected for funding: 5 are in the gas sector (EU support worth €210 million) and 4 are in the electricity sector (EU support worth €53 million) and 3 are related to construction works (€236 million) and 6 to studies (€27 million).
With a total of €800 million available for grants under Connecting Europe Facility – Energy in 2016, the second 2016 call for proposals with an indicative budget of €600 million is currently ongoing and will close on November 8.
Source: CNA