News Greece Refugees and migrants at Idomeni clash with police

Refugees and migrants at Idomeni clash with police

Clashes broke out at Idomeni on Tuesday afternoon between police and the migrants and refugees, who have ocupied the railway tracks leading to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for the past 11 days, demanding that borders open.
The protestors reacted violently when police attempted to clear the tracks, throwing stones at them. A minor scuffle then ensued when the police officers detained a woman and put her into a patrol car, with the gathered refugees rushing the officers and pulling her out.
Calm was restored a short while later in the Greece-FYROM no-man's land, with the protesting refugees remaining on the tracks. They have now also set up a sound system so that they can keep those staying at the Idomeni camp informed and send their own message to Europe, they said.
Source: ANA-MPA