News Greece Cypriot student awarded €450,000 for Greek Police beating

Cypriot student awarded €450,000 for Greek Police beating

Avgustinos Demetriou – the Cypriot man beaten by Greek Police during a 2006 demonstration – is set to receive 450,000 euros in damages from the Greek State, the CNA reported on Sunday. 
Demetriou, who was a 24-year-old student in Thessaloniki at the time, was accused by the State of being 90 per cent responsible for his own injuries, even though the incident was captured on tape and clearly refuted. 
Citing Greek newspaper ‘To Ethnos’, CNA said that the Greek Supreme Court had upheld a previous decision that the police were ultimately responsible for his beating during the protest to mark the  anniversary in 2006 of the November 17, 1974 student uprising against the Green Junta at the Athens Polytechnic. 
The court rejected the Greek State’s appeal. 
Police said that Demetriou was resisting arrest and was hit by a passing motorcyclist, when the video shows him being beaten by police. 
At the time, then Greek Police boss had spoken of the restraint and composure shown by police that night. 
The court also rejected the Government’s claims that the amount of compensation was excessive.  
Demetriou was awarded 300,000 euros plus 150,000 interest for the pain and suffering he endured from the brutal beating. 
Source: CNA