News Greece Refugees from Yemen, Bahrain join EU's relocation programme

Refugees from Yemen, Bahrain join EU's relocation programme

Yemen, Bahrain and Swaziland have been added to the EU relocation programme.
The citizens of the three countries have the right to submit a request for relocation from Greece to other European countries. Only people from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and the Central African Republic have so far had that right.
According to the statistics of the Asylum Service on the relocation programme, 449 people had submitted relocation requests by December 20, 2015: 206 from Syria, 209 from Iraq, 33 from Eritrea and a stateless person.
Greece has sent five groups of people so far (82 people in total) to other European countries. Specifically, it has sent 30 persons to Luxembourg, 24 to Finland, 10 to Germany, 4 to Lithuania and 14 to Portugal. The next country to welcome refugees from Greece is Romania in the first quarter of 2016. France will also accept 14 refugees and Hollande another 50.
In total, 13 EU countries have offered to host 563 refugees (Luxembourg, Germany, France, Netherlands, Romania, Finland, Lithuania, Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland).
Source: ANA-MPA