News Greece Police and Anarachist protesters clash in Athens

Police and Anarachist protesters clash in Athens

Anarchists that were protesting in memory of Alexios Grigoropoulos in Athens on Sunday, threw Molotov cocktails, small bombs and firecrackers at police.

Alexios Grigoropoulos was a 15-year-old boy that had been gunned down by a police man in 2008.

Young protesters on Sunday threw Molotov cocktails at police, who in turn threw flares back at the protesters, which in turn broke up to gathering.

Protester then set fire to a trash can at the intersection of Panepistimiou street and Emmanouil Mpenakis street, as tension continued to rise, sources had said.  The same sources said that moments ago they had set fire to a car in the Exarcheia area of Athens.

Police in the Exarcheia area proceeded to make ten arrests after other serious incidents between authorities and anarchists were noted.

Source: ANA-MPA