News Greece Ex SYRIZA MP Lapavitsas: Greeks could rely on Popular Unity

Ex SYRIZA MP Lapavitsas: Greeks could rely on Popular Unity

Former SYRIZA MP that joined the newly formed parliamentary group Popular Unity, Costas Lapavitsas, said that the newly founded party aims at giving voice to the people that voted no (in the referendum).
"We will continue on the anti-memorandum course that made SYRIZA what it was until it also became memorandum friendly party. We will continue the anti-memorandum policy" said Lapavitsas.
"We have an overall proposal for the Greek society and we are not afraid to set the issue of the national currency which is not a taboo. It does not frighten us, others are afraid of it. The time that certain issues were avoided, as SYRIZA did for a long time, is over," he added.
Asked on Popular Unity's elections target, Lapavitsas said that it is too early to set certain targets adding that "this effort is painful and difficult with cost for everyone.
What we understand is the people's support that feels betrayed and feels unhappy for politics in total. We will say no and what we represent is trustworthy," he noted.
On the possibility of Popular Unity's cooperation with other political forces, Lapavitsas said "we are setting up a front on which the Greek people can depend on."
Source: ANA-MPA