News Greece Lafazanis calls on PM to take back agreement

Lafazanis calls on PM to take back agreement

Minister of the Environment, Panagiotis Lafanzanis, invited Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to take the agreement off the table before final decisions are made in the parliament on Wednesday.
He called the agreement unacceptable, saying that it is not worth it for them (SYRIZA) to take it on, or for a government that promised the end of austerity and memorandums.
“The so-called partners and, first of all, the German establishment, treated Greece like a colony and as brutal extortionists and ‘economic murderers’,” he said.
In fact, Lafazanis talked about an agreement, which practically annuls the popular mandate and proud "No" of the Greek people at the referendum.
“This agreement can pass in the parliament with the help of the New Democracy, PASOK, and Potami votes.  It will not pass, though, with the people, who will annul it with action and unity to the fights it’s given.  The government and the Prime Minister, even in the last minutes, have the opportunity and the capability to take the stance to take back the agreement, before final and permanent decisions are made in the parliament,” he said.
Speaking about the alternative solution from the agreement, he said that the dilemma of the creditors, conformity or catastrophe, is fake and terrorist and has ruined the social morale.
Source: ANA-MPA